Submitted the article to editorial office of the journal “South archive (philological sciences)”, it is subjected to a double-blind review: reviewers do not know who is an author, the authors do not know who is a reviewer.

The review is carried out by one of the members of the editorial board, who is a respected expert in knowledge related to the subject of the submitted paper.

Impartial reviewers carefully evaluate the quality of the manuscript including use of their personal criteria.

The reviewers check the manuscript for the reasonableness of the selected research methodology and procedures. In addition, they are able to detect unethical actions or plagiarism.

In the process of reviewing, reviewers evaluate the quality of work based on:

  • compliance with the structural requirements of a scientific article;
  • compliance with editorial conventions: titles, summaries and references must be clear, informative, accurate, complete, the authors must be identified according to institutional affiliation and address;
  • compliance with the technical requirements for publication of the article in the journal.

After reviewing the authors receive a letter of confirmation relatively the article acceptance for printing.